B2B Purchase

JHW Enterprise services the business community with attractive wholesale prices, which can be up to 40% off our already very low listed prices. In addition, we also offer a range of services. Please give us a try and send us your requests.
For business account: Email us
For Premier Account, download and complete:Net 30 days Form.
Request Quotation Form.
The Express Custom Service.
Direct Web Purchase
- For businesses with a business account, you can purchase directly at our website: www.feltbobs.com and you will receive an automatic 5% off from the total purchase amount.

- How to create your business account?

Please send us email with:
  • Your ID of login existing account of www.feltbobs.com, this ID is your email address.
  • For new account setup, you should give us your email address, which you want this email address to be your login ID of www.feltbobs.com.
  • Your company's name, address, telephone, email, shipping address...
  • (option) Describe the using of felt bobs and wheels in your business?
  • After we get your information, we will send back email to you and setup your business account.
  • The email address of www.feltbobs.com is Sales@feltbobs.com.
As a business account, you are earning 5% discount in every purchasing.

B2B: Premier Account, Pay by Net - 30 days.
  • Factories and businesses can apply the delay payment for net - 30 days, you don't have to pay when you purchase in www.feltbobs.com immediately
  • Download the Net 30 days Application For Business Account. Please fill the form and send back to us by email or FAX (FAX number: 973-509-1528).
  • After your business is approved to be Premier account, any purchase from our website directly – www.feltbobs.com, you automatically receive 10% off from your total amount of purchase.
  • For large quantity order, please send us the request, we will give you our quotations. Then you give us the purchase order. You can use our Request Form or just send us email with product's detail.

Additional Services and Terms.
In addition to wholesale pricing, we also offer the following services to our business customers.
Free Consultant:
If you cannot find the right products for your needs, If you want us to discuss the shape, size and density of felt bobs and wheels, please contact us or send email to us. It is Free.
Custom Order:
If our standard products do not meet your needs, please contact us for with your custom requirements. We can work with you to design custom products to meet your needs. We have the capability of manufacturing felt bobs and wheels of different shapes, sizes and densities.
Product Sample:
You can purchase the sample of felt bobs and wheels in our web site - feltbobs.com, buy small quantity to try before give us an order. If you need per-approved sample for your purchase order, we will ask you to pay the cost of the express mail service.
Volume Price:
Please check the prices listed in each products of feltbobs.com as your price's reference. If you cannot find a right products you need, you can just choose the diameter size of felt bobs or wheels which is similar to your demand.
We can give a big discount for the bulk order, the discount can be up to 40%, according to your total quantity. For example, a business sign a contract with us, We supply this company with 5000 pieces of Diameter 1/8" small felt bobs. This Premier customer get the 40% off for this oder.
Free shipping:
For purchase over $35, shipping is free for domestic shipping via regular US Mail. If you need the products urgently, then you will pay for the expedited or express shipping costs.
Return and refund:
For custom orders, we strictly follow our customer’s specifications of sizes, shapes, density, and quality. Unless it is our mistake, which to date has not happened yet, we do not allow returns or exchanges. To ensure mutual understanding, please review the "Invoice" more carefully.
Since the demand of felt bobs and wheels are difficult to predict, it is possible that we may not have sufficient inventory. When that occurs, we will inform you immediately. We can fulfill the part of the order in which we have the inventory. For the rest, we can place it backorder and work with our factory to make them as soon as possible. Or, we can pro-rate the refund for the quantity that we cannot fulfill immediately. We will work closely with you if this occurs, so there should be no surprises.

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